Space Age Camp Fires

from by Ness Io Kain

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[Back from the grave, Marvel's Phil Coulson,
Standing up like Peggy Olson
Off Mad Men; bouncing back from this again because
While you drink to forget, well, I forget to drink;
I do keep my brain busy, though, or it'll think.
That's what brains do, and I know it pains you because you dread
The day I can't calm my mind and I replace it with lead.]

Teach me to wish; show me the star
That will make me as androgynous as my Animal Crossing avatar.
See, we light these space age camp fires
For when we have nothing else 'cause our real hope expires.

[Don't tell me not to do what I do if it's to stay alive, then.
It's not your business if I want to be a spinning hard drive. When
You're ready to be honest with youself, come back;
Tell me you play worse games to keep on track.
And yours hurt other people, so I
Want nothing to do with them. k? bye.]

We see right through you, so
Who do you think you're fooling, though?
Trying not to work on yourself by
Stepping on us so you can smile when we cry.

I'm making a wish, so show me the star
That will make me as androgynous as my Animal Crossing avatar
And turn the noise in my ears to triangle waves, so as they echo
I can move on, and this changes to something I can let go.


from Soft Blue Halo, released February 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Ness Io Kain Oakland, California

Ness Io Kain died and is a ghost. No one loves her.

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